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Thrive on momma is designed to serve single mothers who have suffered from homelessness, divorce, and the absence of their children’s father. Thrive on momma offers a six week program to help the single mother take care of herself while taking care of her household. Thrive on momma’s ultimate goal is to help the single mother thrive through her struggles and create balance using time management and resources that support her spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being.

Thrive On Momma

 Thrive on Momma is a curated six-week program that helps single moms thrive in their households and create balance using time management and resources that support her spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being.

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Thrive on Momma provides an innovative program designed to help single moms thrive in their households. The program focuses on providing time management skills, mental health support, emotional wellbeing, and spiritual guidance to help single moms feel empowered and successful. With Making Progress, single moms can feel confident and secure in their ability to manage their lives and take care of their families.

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I met Nyree during a very rough time in my life. I had just become homeless and was living at Laura’s Home women and children shelter. I had the mindset of get in and get out no distractions. While there, I encountered Nyree. She was a saving grace for me. She had such a spirit from the lord and her gift of love, prayer, and endurance was contagious. She taught me how to pray with power and authority! She started out as a friend in troubled times but became my prayer sister in Christ! She is truly a holy force!

- Amanda


Nyree and I connected via a phone conversation. She shared her story with me and I was so moved by it that I also decided to attend her book signing. Her story of transformation was inspiring to me. Nyree’s spirit is so genuine, caring, and vibrant. Her energy and personality is life giving. She has the ability to motivate and inspire in a special way that is unique to her. She has a heart for women who desire to transform their lives and the wisdom to help guide them through the process. Her journey has truly inspired me to continue to pursue my dreams as well.

- Tina


I met Ms. Nyree in Laura’s Home Women’s and Children’s Crisis Center on the west side of Cleveland. I remember her singing and having strong faith in the Lord. Very inspiring even then! She’s also held my hand and prayed with me there and she spoke on something about me that only God could’ve told her! I know she’s a great mom to her children. God has kept her and blessed her. I have much respect for her.  Much Love to her and May God continue to Bless her!!!

- Carolyn


From the moment that I met Nyree, I could tell that she had a kind spirit, she was genuine, and that she wanted to help others especially women. She is the perfect example of what it looks like to rise above pain, trauma, and hard times, and to press forward and be the person that God created her to be. There are some people in this life that come alongside you and make you better. Nyree is one of those people. I always leave my conversations with her with Godly wisdom, with action plans to move forward, and my focus pointed right back to Jesus. It is a blessing to know her and to have her as a trustworthy source of Godly wisdom.

- Amber

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